It’s time to start planting those flower and vegetable seeds for this year's Annual Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival.

These traditional contests from the early days of the Harvest Festival have returned and everyone is invited to participate.

In 1976 the Burpee Seed Company issued a catalog commemorating their 100th Anniversary by featuring a reproduction of their 1888 seed catalog. Arroyo Grande Farmers were featured in the catalog because they won many cash prizes for their outstanding vegetables and flowers.

“At the turn of the century the prolific soils in Arroyo Grande Valley produced prize-winning bumper crops of cabbages, carrots, beans, peas, pumpkins, onions, flowers, and other crops,” local  Historian Doris Olsen wrote in the Santa Maria Times.

“The local farmers won so many cash awards that they boasted they were the only valley in the world by reason of its prolific soil to be barred from the national seed contest.” (The Arroyo Grande Farmers were banned to participate so others would have a chance to win, however they were given a lifetime achievement award.)

But…. You are not barred from the growing contests!

We have the Greatest Soil in the World, so let’s see what we can grow!

Rules: All ages are encouraged to join in and compete by bringing in their vegetables, fruits, flowers, you name it, to be judged by the Visitors to the AG Pavilion who will vote for their favorite entry. Votes will be tallied at 1 pm and winners announced shortly thereafter. Please return to the contest area to retrieve your entry and award (if applicable). Unclaimed entries will be disposed of by 3 pm.


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