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Grand Marshal's of Years Past 

The Grand Marshal(s) is selected each year by the Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival Committee in recognition of unselfish contributions to our community and /or the agricultural industry of the Arroyo Grande Valley. They have promoted and made countless contributions to their community and its residents. 

2023:   Patrick & Patsy Phelan

2022:   Art & Kriss Spoo

2021:   Covid - No Event

2020:   Covid - No Event

2019:   Maureen and Jared Sharon

2018:   Pearl Cole

2017:   Group - Past Citizens fo the Year AG Chamber

2016:   Elsie Cecchetti

2015:   Pete and Jeane Dougall

2014:   Heather & Wayne Jensen and Chet and Judy Cash

2013:   Group - Our local veterans

2012:   Group - Woman's Club of Arroyo Grande

2011:   Ella Honeycutt

2010:   Roy & Bonnie Burke

2009:   June Waller

2008:   Group - P.O.V.E

2007:   The Talley Family

2006:   The Mankins

2005:   The Runels

2004:   The Pruetts

2003:   Dick and Maxine Blankenburg

2002:   Herman and Dorothy Olave

2001:   KSBY mascot Kisby

2000:   The Haruo Hayashi Family

1999:   Earl and Edith Woods

1998:   DG and Pauline Porter

1997:   Drs Ken and Gaby LEvine

1996:   Kirk and Alice Kirkpatrick

1995:   Kazuo and Mitsuko Ikeda

1994:   Jean Hubbard

1993:   Gladyis Loomis

1992:   Ralph and Babe Hopkins

1991:   Charles Warner

1990:   Chester and Peggy Porter and Asa and Peggy Porter

1989:   Guy Stewart

1988:   Clair and Mary Gibson

1987:   Louis (Shorty) and Mary Fernamburg

1986:   The Class of 1906

1985:   Jack and Jeraldine Pence

1984:   Johnny and Ann Silva

1983:   Bill and Georgie O'Connor

1982:   Oliver and Corella Nelson

1981:   Wilma Dixon and Ruth Loomis

1980:   Louise Ralph Vermillion and Cora Ralph

1979:   Florian Marsalek

1978:   Barney and Hazel Ewing

1977:   The Greib Family

1976:   Sei Ikedo and Koyoshi Fukuhara

1975:   "Phoenix Sisters and Henry Phoenix, Georgia Conrad, Bernice Canning, Margaret Harloe, and Dorothy Phelan

1974:   Mae Ketchum

1973:   Mr. and Mrs John Azevedo

1972:   Mr. and Mrs. Leo Brisco

1971:   Mr. and Mrs. George Conrad

1970:   Marguerite Conrad

1969:   Mrs. Claudin Dowell Pruess and Louise Webb Routzain

1968:   Fred and Alosia Marsalek

1967:   Clara Conrad Reinike and Mable Reinike Reed

1966:   Mr. and Mrs. Dan Phelan

1965:   Ben Padgett and Emma McChesney

1964:   Raymond and Lena Sevier

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