Arroyo Grande Valley
Harvest Festival Parade

September 23rd 2017
10:00 am




The parade begins at the intersection of Traffic Way at Branch Street and will move East on Branch Street through the Village of Arroyo Grande to Mason Street turns right and continues on to Poole Street and then disburse.  There will be plenty of viewing area on both sides of the street on Mason Street all the way to Poole and on Branch Street. So come early and get your spot! 

Many of the parades, tractors and farm equipment will be on display throughout the festival grounds after the parade.


The 79th annual Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival Parade will begin at 10:00am on Saturday, September 24th.


Parade application:

Click here for Parade Application

If you cannot open the parade application please email us at and we will email it to you.







Partial listing of Parade Entrants -
in Alphabetical Order Click Here


Parade begins at 10am on Saturday, come early to get a good seat!


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