Arroyo Grande Valley
Harvest Festival


David's Blue Ribbon Honey


Come See David's Blue Ribbon Honey Booth
in the ag pavillion at the Harvest Festival


David has an Executive MBA in Management from The Claremont Graduate
School.  He has been a beekeeper for 14 years.  In 2001 he won 18 blue
ribbons including Best Non-commercial Beekeeper of the Show at the Los
Angeles County Fair.  He took up beekeeping to better pollinate his
orchard in La Habra Heights.  He moved to Arroyo Grande in 2003 and
has been keeping bees on his property, Lupine Meadow Farm, since then.
 He is the producer of David’s Blue Ribbon Honey and also prepares a
line of creamed honey and flavor infused creamed honey in fourteen
different flavors.  Everything he produces is 100% raw and pure and

David takes great pride in his products and raises a special variety
of European honeybees that are more resistant to the Varroa Mite, one
factor in Colony Collapse Disorder.

David recently reproduced his Honey Bee shirt line for sale to the
public and they will be available at the Harvest Festival along with
free honey tasting.  The honey will also be available for sale.

David has also developed a very successful methodology to rid his farm
of gophers.
 If you have gopher problems feel free to ask him about it.