Arroyo Grande Valley Harvest Festival

Contest Results! 2009!

Contest Results ( in no particular order! )

Wiener Dog Races

 Adult Division -
1st Place Gretta - 4 year female -time 3.32
2nd Place Oscar Mayer - 8 year old male (ran in both divisions) - time 4.16
3rd Place Willie Nelson - 3 year old male - time 4.18

Senior Division -
1st Place Oscar Mayer - 8 year old male (ran in both divisions) - time 4.20
2nd Place Daisy - 10 year old female - time 5.12
3rd Place Scooby - 9 year old male - time 5.13

Home Grown Flower Competition

Largest: Janet Knollenberg

Most unusual: Janet Knollenberg

Most beautiful: Vivian Krug

Home Grown Vegetable Competition

First Place Largest: Logan Dalziell

Second Place Largest: Janet Knollenberg

Veggie Decorating Contest

1st Most beautiful (1-6 yrs) Bella    1st (same category 7-12 yrs) Kimberly (same 13 & up) Alexander

2nd Most beautiful (1-6 yrs) Rhv   2nd same category 7-12 yrs) Jules  (same 13 & up) Ellie

3rd Most beautiful (1-6 yrs) Brittany  3rd same category 7-12   Kameron  (same 13 & up) Andraea

1st Most unusual (1-6 yrs) Leila    1st same category 7-12 yrs Makenzi    1st same category 13 & up: Andrew

2nd Most unusual (1-6 yrs) Haley   2nd same category 7-12 yrs Zaiya   2nd same category 13 & up: Noku

Honorable mentions: Greta and Levi

3rd Most unusual (1-6 rs) Riley    3rd same category Vania   3rd same category 13 &  up: Eric

Spelling Bee

Melanie Popovich, 1st place 8th grade, Paulding
Sebastian Nelson, 2nd place, 8th grade, Paulding

1st place, Kaylee Popovich, 6th grade, Branch
2nd place, Lucy Wickstrom, 6th grade, Coastal Christian

1st place, Sadie Barber, a homeschooler in the 4th grade
2nd place, Emma Holt, Shell Beach Elementary, 3rd grade

Scarecrow Decorating Contest

Best Showcase and Sweepstake
           Rutiz Farms
Specialty category
           Most Glamorous    Madelyn's Apparel
Keeping with Theme
           1st Place                 Mission Bank
           2nd place               Heritage Oaks Bank   
Funny and Cute
          1st Place                 Los Padres Bank
          2nd place               City of Arroyo Grande
          3rd place                Valley View Adventist Academy
Most Original
         1st place                   RaboBank - Oak Park Blvd
         2nd place                  Arroyo Grande Police Dept
Anything Goes
         1st place                   Coast Hills Bank
         2nd place                  Century 21
         3rd place                   Grand Bouquet
Most Scarey                     
         1st place                   Arroyo Grande Care
          2nd place                 Arroyo Grande Flower
Most Playful   
         1st place                   RaboBank - Grand Avenue
         2nd place                 Coastal Christian Schools
         3rd place                   E. C. Loomis

Pie Eating Competition

1st Round

1st  James Purkey

2nd  Alex Ramirez

3rd  Daniel Jungwirth

2nd Round

1st Min Zheng

2nd Daniel Jungworth

3rd Remy Norton

3rd Round

1st Mike Zimmerman

2nd Joe Cortez

3rd Ian Parkinson

4th Round

1st Max Overstreet

2nd Sean Lambert

3rd Rebecca Garcia

5th Round

1st Delaney Puhek

2nd Clancy Schaffer

3rd Rebecca Garcia

6th Round

1st Jake Milbrandt

2nd Steven Hensley

3rd Eric Veium

Finals  -  Grand Prize Winners!

1st James Purkey

2nd Jake Milbrandt

3rd Min Zheng


Diaper Derby

Crawling  6 – 12 months   Girls

1st Place          Mylee Neuschafer (11 months)

2nd Place         Grace Zeman (10 months)

3rd Place         Mitra Naticy  (10 months)

4th Place         Ava Loomis (12 months)

5th Place         Lucy and Alice Davis (10 months)   Tied

Crawling 6 – 12 months Boys

1st Place          Regan Holland (12 months)

2nd Place         Russell Carter (11 months)

3rd Place         Mylo Lucas (10 months)

Toddling 8 – 14 months Girls

1st Place          Graci Kuszewski (14 months)

 2nd Place        Hannah Hall (14 months)

Toddling 8 – 14 months Boys

1st Place          Jagger Young  (14 months)

2nd Place         Payton Rogers (13 months)

3rd Place         Elijah Johnson (13 months)

4th Place         Kai Castillo (13 months)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Girls

1st Place          Violet Folkrod (18 months)

2nd Place         Eleora Bee Hayes (18 months)

3rd Place         Lia Mae Fresenius (16 months)

Toddling 15 – 19 months Boys

1st Place          Ryder Beaudoin (15 months)

2nd Place        Logan Shepard (19 months)

3rd Place        Casey Ekberg (17 months)

4th Place         Eli Marshall (15 months)

5th Place         Isaac Honesto (18 months)

Toddling 20 –24 months Girls

1st Place          Alicia Vargas (21 months)

2nd Place         Jaiden Crook (20 months)

3rd Place         Aylyssa Storton (23 months) and Ava Eastton (23 months)  Tied

4th Place         Celeste Dayst (22 months)

5th Place         Jane Croshier (20 months)

6th Place         Kaylyn Heit (23 months)

Toddling 20 –24 months Boys

1st Place          Sean Oksner (23 months)

Toddling 25 –36 months Girls

1st Place          Zoe Smith (33 months)

2nd Place         Mia Vasquez (25 months)

Toddling 25 –36 months Boys

1st Place          Keagan Watkins (31 months)

2nd Place         Hunter French (35 months)

3rd Place         Austin Campbell (33 months)

4th Place         Grant  Fordyer (22 months)

5th Place         Aiden Corsiglia (30 months)

6th Place         Charlie Coleman (28 months), Jack Folkrod (34 months)

                      and Nikko Brown (33 months) Tied

Chili Contest


Priscilla Ramirez placed first for the hottest chili

Jeff Allen placed second

Greg Steinberger with Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab took third

Lori Morse came in fourth

Heather Kraft took fifth place

and in sixth place was Doug and Robyn Perrin.

Best Tasting

Jeff Allen placed first

Lori Morse and Heather Kraft tied for second place

Doug and Robyn Perrin came in third

Nora O’Donnell took fourth

Priscilla Ramirez placed fifth

and in sixth place was Greg Steinberger.

Most Original

Lori Morse took first place

Greg Steinberger with Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab placed second

Heather Kraft took third

Jeff Allen came in fourth

Nora O’Donnell took fifth place

Doug and Robyn Perrin placed sixth.

Best Overall

Jeff Allen’s chili “Big Jeff’s Texas Chili” was chosen for the evening.

Baking, Canning, Cake, Pie.....  Over 90 entries!


Central Coast Cake Classic

Dr and Mrs. Hutton, DDS and David’s Blue Ribbon Honey

1st Place:  Gina Phillips, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Apple Harvest Cake


2nd Place: Ethan Phillips, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Triple Chocolate Cake


3rd Place: Dian Robinson, San Luis Obispo, Ca. Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake


Best in the West Honey Contest

Sponsored by San Luis Farm Supply

1st Place: David L. Maislen, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Organic Wildflower Honey (David’s Blue Ribbon Honey)


2nd Place: Diane and Steve Dunn, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Wildflower Honey with Comb


3rd Place: Jeremy Rose, San Luis Obispo, Ca. Black Sage Blossom

(California Bee Company)

  Autumn Pie Review

Sponsored by Lunds


1st Place: Gloria Clark, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Nut Pie


2nd Place: Jennifer Prince, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Chocolate Pecan Pie

3rd Place: Roxanne Rosensteel, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Simple Pecan Pie


Country Canning Competition

Fruit, Veggies; Any Other

Sponsored by Roast’n Rooster


1st Place: Pat Fiske, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Bread & Butter Pickles


2nd Place: Marjorie Gilliam, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Tomato Sauce


3rd Place: Pat Fiske, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Sweet Garlic Pickles


Country Canning Competition

Jams, Jellies

Sponsored by Branch Street Deli


1st Place: Yvonne Kendall, Campbell, Ca. Grandma’s Spiced Jam


2nd Place: Deborah Love, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Jalapeno Jelly


3rd Place: Frances Taillon, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Apple Jelly


Harvest Gone Wild

Sponsored by Trader Joe’s, Verena’s Go Gourmet, Friends of the Harvest Festival


1st Place: Mackenzie Marr & Melissa Garrett, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Pumpkin Roll (Mrs. Porter’s Home Economics Class, AGHS)


2nd Place: Joyce Thomas, Arroyo Grande, Ca. 14-Carat Cake


3rd Place: Ali Tomlinson, Grover Beach, Ca. Mud Brownies (Mrs. Porter’s Home Economics Class, AGHS)


Apple Pie Exhibition

Sponsored by Advantage Answering Plus


1st Place: Connie Mooney, Arroyo Grande, Ca. The Boys Favorite Apple Pie


2nd Place: Annette Fesler, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Granny’s Apple Pie


3rd Place: Marc Tidalgo, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Apple Pie with Caramel Topping


Fall Bread Sweepstakes Winner

Sponsored by Applebees


Laurie Waller, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Wildly Delicious Pumpkin Bread


Zucchini Bread

Sponsored by Chili’s Bar and Grill


1st Place: Gina Phillips, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Traditional Zucchini Bread


2nd Place: Trish Hall, Nipomo, Ca. Crazy Veggie Bread


3rd Place: Stacey Gregory, Pismo Beach, Ca. Zucchini Raisin Bread


Pumpkin Bread

Sponsored by Miner’s Ace Hardware


1st Place: Ali Tomlinson, Grover Beach, Ca. Kris’ Pumpkin Kicker

(Mrs. Porter’s Home Economics Class, AGHS)


2nd Place: Stephanie Smith, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Pumpkin Goodness


3rd Place: Peggy Heasley, Arroyo Grande, Ca. Pumpkin Cranberry Bread


Also would like to thank Emotions Greetings Cards, Avon by Kathleen Rodgers, Jeter’s Messenger Service, and Academy Travel for their support as well!


Coloring Contest

Skyler Lopes Oceanview Elementary Grade 4

William Silmon Harloe Elementary Grade 5

Madison Rasmussen Harloe Elementary Grade 6

Owen Turner Oceanview Elementary Grade K

Jack Tacy Harloe Elementary Grade 1

Zoe Shanrland Oceanview Elementary Grade 2

Noah Oceanview Elementary Grade 3


Owen Turner - Ocean View

Tristan Huard - Harloe

Joey Morrow – Harloe

1st Grade
Jack Tacy - Harloe

Woody – Ocean View

Ossy – Ocean View

2nd Grade
Zoe Shankland – Ocean View

Rosemary Linzey – Ocean View

Luke Addison – Ocean View

3rd Grade
Noah – Ocean View

Emily Olsen - Harloe

Morgan Pinegar – Ocean View

4th Grade
Skyler Lopes – Ocean View

Abigail Schachter – Ocean View

Logan Siemens – Ocean View

5th Grade
Willaim Silmon – Harloe

Theresa Smith – Harloe

Brianna Aguilar – Harloe

6th Grade
Madison Rasmussen – Harloe

Bailey Killough - Harloe

Kaylee Popovich - Branch

Costume Contest

Victorian Seniors:

    1 - Charles Silva - Arroyo Grande
    2 - Barbara LeSage - Arroyo Grande
    3 - Joanne Connolly - Arroyo Grande

Western Adult:

    1 - Isabelle Sargent - Grover Beach
    2 - Sam Cotton - Arroyo Grande

Western Young:

    1 - Alexis Sargent - Grover Beach
    2 - Sydney Sargent - Grover Beach

Western Pre-School:

    1 - Nikko Brown - Santa Maria
    2 - Kerry White - Arroyo Grande

Edwardian Seniors:

    Sherrin Reichardt - Arroyo Grande

Big Ditch Derby

#85  First Place -  Riley Holley he was driving for Santa Lucia Bank

#21R  Second Place -  Ryan Philbrick he was driving for Fair Oaks Theaters and Crockett's Auto Body

#1 Third Place - Madison McLean she was driving for Jeff Beck

Salsa Competition

Green Salsa

1.                    El Diablo

2.                    LaTapatia, Oceano

3.                    JJ’s Market

 Red Salsa

1.                    El Diablo

2.                    JJ’s Market

3.                    Jessica’s Farm Fresh


1.                    Rudy & Angie’s

2.                    Tacos de Acapulco

3.                    Jessica’s Fire and Ice 


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