Logo by Tom Goss & Vivian Krug Cotton


$1.00 keeps you out of the Hoosgow (jail)! 

 You are subject to arrest if you are caught not wearing a Harvest Festival button or dressed in period clothing!

Anyone caught not wearing Vintage or Western Clothing
or a Harvest Festival Button
will be arrested and thrown in the Festival Hoosgow
by the Sheriff and trusty Deputies! 

This year we, the Harvest Festival Committee decided to try a different way of handling the always popular and collectible HF buttons.

We are trying a pilot program which will allow a non-profit youth group to take on the "HF Button Project", from production to sale. This will allow the youth group to keep the money they make to use towards a worthwhile community project.

The Harvest Festival Committee will still choose the design and theme and no sponsor logo will appear on the button.

This year we awarded the project to AG High School Robotics Team. They chose not to have a drawing this year, that is why you won't see a number or ticket on the back of the buttons. If your group is interested in the HF Project for future years, please email us at

Purchase your Buttons
at these fine establishments!

More locations to follow

Avani Hair Salon (Village of AG)

Arroyo Grande City Hall (Village of AG)

Branch Street Deli

Burdine's Printing (Grand Ave. AG)

Francisco's Country Kitchen (AG)

The Village Grill

Century 21 Realty (Village of AG)

Villa Cantina (Village of AG)

Salon 132 (Village of AG)

Rooster Creek (Village of AG)

The Great American Melodrama





For more information email contact us at: